Date:April 19, 2016

Games Sales Report 2015

Fresh ‘Games Sales report’ for the Nordic countries:

Flagship consoles drive rising game sales

Today, ANGI Nordic have released their annual report for Game Sales in the Nordic markets. The overall sales volume in the Nordics increased once again in 2015, with flagship consoles representing the largest share of growth in the region and digital sales continue to outpace the sale of physical games.

Scandinavians embrace new consoles
2015 marked the third year since the introduction of Sony’s PlayStation4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. These gaming platforms have since become well established in the global market and have been especially well received by Scandinavian consumers. The number of new consoles in Nordic homes doubled in 2015.

“In 2015 the new consoles had a massive increase in software sales at the Nordic market; Xbox One increased by 85% and PS4 by 135%. Consequently the new consoles represents a substantial part of the overall sales. Such a large install base leads to great expectations of a very strong 2016,” says John Eidelmann, chairman at ANGI Nordic.

Steady performance in a changing market
The sales performance of physical games remained stable in 2015 – with a small expected decline due to the continuing growth in digital sales.

“We had an increase in the overall sale of games in the Nordic region, as the growth in the digital market in 2015 by far exceeded the decline in the physical market. This market trend is expected to grow even stronger in 2016.”

Animating innovations
2015 gave birth to several new and exciting combinations of digital games and physical toys as well as a variety of new gaming experiences that utilized virtual reality technologies.

“The whole gaming experience is widening these years. The major adoption of smart phones worldwide leads to a huge increase in the install base of handheld gaming devices. And in addition we expect a leap forward for a lot of the new innovative forms of interactive gaming i.e. augmented and virtual reality.”

Further info
The physical sales numbers in the report are provided by Gfk Entertainment. The numbers are based on sales reported by retailers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Download the full report: Nordic Game Sales 2015