ANGI is the trade association for publishers and distributors of computer and video game entertainment in the Nordic region. We exist to champion the interests, needs and positive image of the video game and interactive entertainment industry.

ANGI works at a Nordic level to develop and drive strategy, and at a local level to execute plans; and engage government, media and consumers.

We’re here to help our members have the right economic, political and social environment needed for this expanding industry to continue to thrive.

We provide a range of services to meet the shared needs of our members and to further the interests of the interactive entertainment industry as a whole:

  • We build strong working relationships with Government and policymakers, acting as a referral body for authorities, to ensure industry needs are met through appropriate Government support.
  • We promote the positive image of the industry across the broader business, media and consumer environment.
  • We act as a public information resource in areas such as industry statistics, research, and PEGI ratings to help the media and consumers better understand games and gamers.
  • We work with our European partner ISFE to ensure our members are aware of key EU developments and to promote the priorities and interests of the industry in Europe.