Intellectual Property (IP) theft continues to be a threat to our members’ businesses. IP activities focus on three key areas: enforcement, media, and lobbying.

The Rights-Holders Alliance works across the Nordics and has an existing collaboration with games and film developer’s associations through media activities, and ANGI supports the work they do. ANGI also works to educate members on their rights and responsibilities when enforcement activities such as raids take place.

ANGI’s media work is both defensive and pro-active. Defensive media work includes taking a firm stand against the pirates in public debates, op-eds, blogs etc. Pro-active media work means offering different perspectives and includes uncovering piracy’s real winners (ISP:s, internet platforms, tech companies) and losers (culture, society, creators, the public).
Our main lobbying goals are (1) defending the principles of intellectual property legislation and (2) Promoting ISP-liability. By supporting friendly policy-makers with analysis, arguments, cases, event and speaker invites; and frequent meetings, both these objectives are addressed.