ANGI is the trade association that represents the Nordic video games industry.  ANGI’s membership includes games publishers and distributors.

ANGI was formally constituted as a Nordic association in 2012 from the 4 local organisations FIGMA (Finland), MUF (Denmark), NSM (Norway), and MDTS (Sweden).

We are comprised of a Nordic board, responsible for overall direction and strategy, and a local board in each country, responsible for local execution and relationships.

We represent the majority of the Nordic video games industry: in 2012 ANGI members were responsible for over 95% of the games sold as physical products in the Nordics and ANGI is the only trade body to represent all major console manufacturers or their distributors (Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony).

The interactive entertainment sector is one of the Nordic’s leading creative industries:

  • The value of the boxed video games retail market was almost €500 million in 2011.
  • The global games industry is predicated to grow 10.6% between 2010 and 2014 – faster than film, music and TV

The interactive entertainment industry leads the way in having a diverse range of online and offline business models: from free to play apps to blockbuster, boxed products.

ANGI wants to make the Nordics an ideal location to publish and distribute videogames and interactive entertainment.