Date:August 18, 2016

300,000 visitors at world’s largest games fair

The world’s largest video games exhibition – Gamescom – will set off today in Cologne. More than 300,000 gaming enthusiasts, geeks, businessmen, celebrities and journalists from around the world will gather in an inferno of sound and shapes.

Billions at stake

The expectations for this year’s Gamescom is huge, and game developers from all over the world does their utmost to impress the audience.

“The development costs of modern games is in the two digit million euro range, and consequently it is crucial to make a good impression at trade shows like Gamescom,” says John Eidelmann, chairman of ANGI, the Association for the Nordic Game Industry.

Virtual reality

The big buzz word at Gamescom is ‘virtual reality’ and the two electronic entertainment giants Sony and Microsoft are both staging new cutting edge technology.

“Gamescom enables thousands of fans to undertake the new technologies and empathize with the virtual reality”.

 Great games in sight

In addition there is high expectations for several new games titles such as ‘Battlefield 1’,  ‘Watch Dogs 2’, ‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’, ‘Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite’, ‘The Last Guardian’ and ‘Forza Horizon 3’.

Family entertainment

The enormous worldwide success of video games is due to the fact that video games today is enjoyed by players of all ages. The average gamer is now 31+ years, and some of the most popular games is designed for the entire family. 48 percent of all gamers are women.