Date:February 08, 2016

The Nordic Game Industry join forces

The four independent Nordic trade associations in the Game industry (MDTS, MUF, FIGMA, NSM) is per 1/1 2016 unified in a single pan Nordic setup: Association for the Nordic Game Industry (ANGI).
ANGI will now represent the entire Nordic video games industry.

Since 2012 the four local organizations has been banded together in ANGI as a pan Nordic umbrella organization. ANGI has now transformed into a centralized and more lean organization and the local organizations are per 1/1 formally dissolved – all forces are now joined in ANGI.

Chairman of ANGI, John Eidelmann explains:

“This new Nordic setup is established to match the future needs of the industry and to secure an optimal financial foundation for ANGI with a relevant agenda for the future.”

“It is decisive to be prepared and to adjust when times are good – according to the newest research the global market for video games is set to jump by almost 10 percent this year. We’re here to help our members have the right economic, political and social environment needed for this expanding industry to continue to thrive.”

ANGI works at a Nordic level to develop and drive strategy, and at a local level to execute plans; and engage government, media and consumers.

Any needs of information or questions: Please contact the new ANGI secretariat: K2, phone: +45 36 890 890, email: